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Wildman's ADR Firm

Experience. Respect. Results.

By working with Wildman's ADR Firm, you get more than professional legal judgments.  We are a full-service Mediation and Arbitration offering assistance in various court cases. We’re waiting for your call.

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Practices at Wildman's ADR Firm

What We Provide

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Contract Paper Signing

Divorce Mediation

Custody Mediation - Visitation Rights - Child Support - Guardianship

Our mediation gives parents a chance to resolve disagreements about a parenting plan for their children.  In mediation, the parents have the help of an expert (a mediator) in resolving these disagreements. If the parents are able to work out an agreement, the mediator helps the parents write a parenting plan that may then become a custody and visitation order if it is signed by a judge. In some counties, this service is called “child custody recommending counseling” because the mediator (called a "child custody recommending counselor") can give a written recommendation to the parents and the court if the parents cannot agree to a parenting plan.

 Property Law Mediation 

Separate Property - Property Division - and Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse have been married for many years, transmutation is likely to come up during your property division negotiations in divorce. For example, suppose you own any separate property, and your spouse had any influence over the value of that property changing during your marriage. In that case, it may have transmuted to community property. For example, if you owned a home before you married and your spouse helped you renovate it, and the property value increased substantially, a judge would likely determine that the house is community property due to your spouse’s contributions.

Arbitration Agreement Disputes

Personal Injury - Defamation - Collection Disputes - and even more Civil cases

Arbitration is a commonly used of alternative dispute resolution in Indiana. Our Arbitration is legally binding agreements and provided a fast but fair resolution.

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