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Arbitration Services in Indiana

We Also Specialize in Virtual Remote Zoom Arbitration Sessions

Arbitration Services -  


  • Contested and Uncontested Divorce

  • Paternity

  • Child Support 

  • Child Timesharing / Parenting Plans  

  • Relocation with Children & Long Distance Timesharing Plans

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Spousal Support and Alimony

  • Modifications & Temporary Relief Issues

  • Pet Owner Time Sharing Plans


  • Home Owners Association Disputes

  • Eldercare

  • Foreclosure / Landlord Tenant

  • Real estate Disputes

  • Debt & Credit Issues

  • Employment Issues

  • Business & Contract Disputes

  • Auto, Home and related Insurance Disputes

  • Lemon Law Mediation and Arbitration Claims

  • Personal Injury Disputes

Our arbitration services is a private method of dispute resolution where the parties have agreed that their dispute will be heard and decided upon by an arbitrator and not a judge in a court of law. Arbitration is often referred to as “alternative dispute resolution” i.e. an alternative to approaching a court. In many respects arbitration and litigation are similar but there are key differences which we will highlight in the course of this article.

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