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Wills & Testament 


A will, or testament, is a legal document drafted by a person, the testator, which names one or more persons to manage their estate and handle the distribution of their property at the event of their death.

Anyone can draft their own will and trust with or without a lawyer given they are of appropriate age and are of sound mind. In recent years, many websites have begun to offer the service of helping to construct a will online. The Law Office Wildman has found such online "will generators" have proven to be unreliable, given the fact that there are discrepancies in the state-to-state laws on the matter.

For example, these websites often offer to construct living wills, which are non-existent in the state of Massachusetts. Therefore, it is important to seek legal aid when writing a will to ensure your wishes will be carried out properly in the event of your death through proper trust administration.

A legally sound will and trust is priceless. Our Firm guide you every step of the way, you will receive peace of mind.

This office prides itself in taking the best possible care of its clients for will drafting and trust administration. We understand that mobility and transportation issues can complicate getting proper legal services, and for this reason our legal team is willing to consult with you in the comfort of your own home. Let our years of experience be on your side - call our office at 317-214-8116 to set up a free consultation.

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