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Wildman's ADR Firm

Thank You For Your Interest In Our Firm

Wildman's ADR Firm has been serving the Indiana area since 2022 with measurable success. We pride ourselves on a deep non-traditional path of excellence, ensuring only the highest quality service. We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with every case and are here for you, every step of the way.

Currently Serving
Indiana ~ Illinois ~ Ohio

We Specialize in Virtual Remote Zoom Arbitration Sessions

Reasons To Choose Arbitration

  • Timeliness: A legal resolution through arbitration is much quicker than waiting for a trial date. Arbitration is less formal and more flexible in terms of scheduling. The discovery process is a simple phone call, cutting down on much of the traditional trial process.

  • Cost: Arbitration does not include expert witnesses or require as much legal preparation. Both parties often split the cost of the arbitrator, meaning the process is much cheaper.

  • Confidentiality: The arbitration legal process is more private than a trial.

  • Finality: There is a level of finality to the arbitration process. Because it cannot be appealed, both parties can move on following the outcome.

  • Agreeableness: Arbitration often results in an agreeable outcome, as parties are encouraged to come up with a solution together.

  • Simplified Procedures: Legal outcomes are more adaptable to the two parties present in the dispute. Each party does not have to hire an attorney for representation.

How We Serve


  • Contested and Uncontested Divorce

  • Paternity

  • Child Support 

  • Child Timesharing / Parenting Plans  

  • Relocation with Children & Long Distance Timesharing Plans


  • Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Spousal Support and Alimony

  • Modifications & Temporary Relief Issues

  • Pet Owner Time Sharing Plans


  • Home Owners Association Disputes

  • Eldercare

  • Foreclosure / Landlord Tenant

  • Real estate Disputes

  • Debt & Credit Issues

  • Employment Issues

  • Business & Contract Disputes

  • Auto, Home and related Insurance Disputes

  • Lemon Law Mediation and Arbitration Claims

  • Personal Injury Disputes

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