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Parenting Coordination in Indiana

A parenting coordinator is a neutral party who works at improving communication and managing conflict between parents to coordinate a fair arrangement that meets the approval of both parents and focuses on what is most important, which is the welfare of the child. Understanding how a parenting coordinator works and the coordinator’s role in the family can help parents move forward and protect children from adult conflict.

 Benefits of Using a Parenting Coordinator

When you agree to use an Indiana parenting coordinator, chances are you will spend less time in contentious conversations or in court and more time with your child. Parenting coordinators are engaged mostly when parents cannot co-parent without significant conflict. As a result, the engagement of a parenting coordinator almost always results in less conflict.

Contact us today to schedule a parenting coordination session in Indiana!

The parenting coordinators at Wildman's ADR are neutral parties who work with both parents to resolve parenting disputes and to improve communication on issues related to their children. If you and your co-parent find yourselves bogged down in disputes during the divorce process, Wildman's ADR parenting coordinators can help you come to a resolution much more quickly and economically than going through the litigation process in Indiana courts. If you have more questions about parenting coordination within Indianapolis, Indiana, call 317-214-8116. Our experienced parenting coordinators offer services to clients throughout Indiana.

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