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Mediation Services Include:

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  • Assistance in selecting an appropriate and effective neutral mediator

  • Conflict checks and disclosures

  • Pre-mediation conference call with mediator and counsel to identify key issues, document exchanges, and other procedures

  • Ensuring that relevant pre-mediation statements are submitted and shared on a timely basis

  • Administrative support, including hosting video mediations, to ensure smooth and timely scheduling and communication

  • Mediator follow-up, if needed or useful, to achieve settlement. They are relentless—even if the initial mediation does not result in a settlement, they will schedule subsequent meetings and stay in contact with the parties as the situation merits.

  • Case managers available to assist all parties seven days a week


Arbitration Services Include:

In arbitration a dispute is submitted to the ‘arbitral tribunal’ and not to a regular civil court or otherwise. The arbitral tribunal must give a decision on the dispute and this decision is thus binding on the parties in the dispute since they have no grounds to appeal.
When contrasted with the traditional approach of a judicial proceeding which ordinarily happens in a Court; and has to go through a lengthy process, and which usually leaves one party or both parties exhausted financially. An arbitration proceeding is not formal and does not involve judicial proceeding which can save a lot of time for the parties.

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